About Us

Khosla Properties, established in 2017, is a distinguished private equity real estate firm specializing in ground-up multifamily and mixed-use construction projects throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Our commitment to premier building design, long-term ownership, and in-house property management sets us apart as an industry leader, allowing us to create enduring value for our investors and the communities we serve. By immersing ourselves in the neighborhoods we operate in and building deep relationships with the community, Khosla Properties has successfully secured zoning variances across multiple projects, improving the aesthetics and amenities for the area. Led by a top-tier team of seasoned professionals, Khosla Properties strives to enhance the quality of life for our partners and residents while contributing positively to the neighborhood.

Meet the Team

Greg Oldsey

Director of Development

Richard Broder

Senior Associate

Cameron Crossley

Director of Operations

Anthony Giacobetti

Director of Property Management

Parth Patel

Lead Field Technician